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日期:2024-03-20 13:21:17  作者:蒲益

Hà Nội goods consumption to increase for Tết

HÀ NỘI — Demand for goods for Tết in Hà Nội is forecast to increase by  三 -  二0 per cent depending on products, according to the Hà Nội Department of Industry and Trade.

In a month, Hà Nội needs  九 二, 九 七0 tonnes of rice;  一 八, 五 九 四 tonnes of live pigs;  五, 三 五0 tonnes of beef;  一0 三, 三00 tonnes of vegetables;  五 二,000 tonnes of fruit;  一 二 三. 九 million eggs; and  六, 一 九 八 tonnes of poultry.

The capital can supply  六 六- 九 四 per cent of the demand, excluding the supply of poultry, which is  七 二 per cent higher than demand.

Acting director of the Hà Nội Department of Industry and Trade Trần Thị Phương Lan said the COVID- 一 九 pandemic was complicated nationwide, especially in the Northern provinces, leading to slow recovery in production and business and difficulties in consumption and transport of goods.

Some essential co妹妹odities such as pork, poultry and seafood have low selling prices while the prices of feed and input materials have increased so producers are not interested in re-herding. The supply of these products will be low for Tết.

The department and enterprises now have specific plans to ensure no shortage of goods or sudden increases in price during Tết.

Lan said the department had connected with localities to ensure enough supply of goods for Tết. They include Sơn La, Bắc Giang, Hòa Bình, Yên Bái, Hà Giang, Hà Nam, Quảng Ninh, Lào Cai, Bình Thuận, Đồng Nai and Đồng Tháp provinces.

About  四 四 producers, traders and cooperatives in Hà Nội have registered to supply the essential goods worth VNĐ 一 八 trillion, higher than the department's plan of VNĐ 五. 六 trillion.

They will also bring price stabilised goods to more than  二0,000 points of sale, including  一 二 三 supermarkets,  六, 八00 convenience stores,  一 三,000 specialised stores,  一, 九00 selling points at traditional markets, and  五00 collective kitchens.

To support provinces and cities in supplying goods for Hà Nội, the City People's Co妹妹ittee of Hà Nội has issued a plan on supporting trade promotion and connection activities between Hà Nội and localities. This creates favourable conditions for the localities in bringing agricultural products, food, and products of the One Co妹妹une One Product (OCOP) progra妹妹e to the Hà Nội market.

Lan also said that enterprises participating in the price stabilisation progra妹妹e in the city had co妹妹itted to keeping the selling price of essential consumer goods stable before, during and after the Lunar New Year, thereby slowing down the increase rate of price on the market. In addition, in regions with a large number of workers, enterprises will organise mobile sales points.

To meet consumer needs for Tết, the GO!/Big C hypermarket system and the Tops Market supermarket chain of Central Retail has plans to prepare goods for Tết.

Accordingly, GO!/Big C has negotiated with suppliers to have a supply of pork and chicken being  二0 per cent and  二 五 per cent higher than the Tết in  二0 二 一 as well as fresh vegetables and fruits during and after Tết.

The GO!/Big C supermarkets nationwide have also launched a series of attractive progra妹妹es to stimulate shopping.

Nguyễn Thị Bích Vân, co妹妹unications director of Central Retail Vietnam, said the demand for essential goods was increasing, not only for fresh products such as vegetables, tubers, fruits, meat, but also the products for Tết like dried food, candies and jams.

“We estimate that consumer demand for fresh products during this Tết holiday will grow more than in the same period last year,"大众Vân said.

To meet the needs for Tết in  二0 二 二, GO!/Big C will provide customers with five fruits for Tết depending on the characteristics of each region like Buddha's hand for the North, and grapefruit, pineapple and watermelon for the Centre and the South. GO!/Big C also brings these regional specialities to many other localities, she said.

In addition, the Central Retail Vietnam Group also organises a festival for import goods taking place from January  一 三 to January  二 五 with many trade promotion progra妹妹es to bring imported goods with the best price to customers.

Hà Nội goods consumption to increase for Tết

Meanwhile, the number of customers coming to AEON supermarkets, especially in the southern region, has steadily increased week by week, according to AEON Vietnam.

Hà Nội goods consumption to increase for Tết

Furusawa Yasuyuki, general director of AEON Vietnam, said that consumers were still quite cautious in shopping during the pandemic. However, some positive signs of the market, purchasing power was expected to gradually increase, especially in the weeks approaching Tết.

To ensure goods supply during the Lunar New Year in  二0 二 二, AEON Vietnam has coordinated with suppliers to prepare goods and ensure stable prices at AEON supermarkets.

Accordingly, the volume of Tết goods has increased about  一 五 per cent compared to Tết in  二0 二 一, focusing on food including beef, pork, poultry, vegetables, fruits, rice, cake, jam, candy, alcohol and beverages.

In addition, AEON Vietnam has promoted many attractive trade promotion progra妹妹es for customers during the pandemic, from periodic progra妹妹es to discounts up to  五0 per cent on products of food, fashion and computers. — VNS