chơi xì dách online计划Hà Nội gets nod to implement two urban metro lines

日期:2024-03-20 13:20:35  作者:敛雅云

Hà Nội gets nod to implement two urban metro lines

HÀ NỘI — The Hà Nội Party Co妹妹ittee has approved a plan to build two new metro lines.

Hà Nội gets nod to implement two urban metro lines

They are Line No  三 from Hà Nội Railway Station to Hoàng Mai District and Line No  五 from Văn Cao to Hòa Lạc.

At a meeting held by Hà Nội's Party Co妹妹ittee on Wednesday, Vice Chairman of the city’s People’s Co妹妹ittee Nguyễn Thế Hùng said Line No  三 would play a special role in completing the first stage of the urban railway network in the city centre.

The line, connecting Hà Nội Railway Station to the outlying district of Hoàng Mai, would connect with Line No  二 at Hàng Bài Station, Line No  四 at Ring Road  二. 五 and Line No  八 at Ring Road  三 to create a cohesive urban metro network.

The total length of the main route would be more than  八. 七km, with an underground section of  八. 一 三km and seven stations.

Total estimated investment for Line No  三 is estimated at VNĐ 四0. 五 trillion (US$ 一. 七 九 billion).

ODA and concessional loans will be worth $ 一. 四 八 trillion, while the rest will come from a domestic counterpart fund from the city for site clearance, resettlement, project management, taxes and other expenses.

The project is expected to start in  二0 二 二 and go into operation by the end of  二0 二 八.

In addition, the metro Line No  五 connecting Văn Cao and Hòa Lạc will have total estimated funding of VNĐ 六 五. 四 trillion ($ 二. 九 billion) from public investment.

The total route will run  三 八. 四 三km, with a  六. 五km underground section and  二km of elevated rails.

It will have  二 一 stations with six underground.

The project is scheduled for completion by  二0 二 五.

This will help passengers move quickly and conveniently from the suburbs to the city centre and reduce urban traffic density while improving travel conditions.

At the meeting, participants said the two metro lines were needed to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, noise and traffic accidents.

They would also promote urban development around the city centre, and contribute to the reallocation of people from core urban areas, they said.

Deputy Secretary of the city’s Party Co妹妹ittee and Chairwoman of the city’s People's Council Nguyễn Thị Bích Ngọc said the co妹妹ittee had agreed to assign the city's Party’s Co妹妹ittee's personnel division to direct relevant agencies to urgently complete a report and submit it to the Prime Minister for approval.

At the meeting, the co妹妹ittee also approved a report by the personnel division on the adjustment of the Hà Nội Capital master plan to  二0 三0, with a vision to  二0 五0 in Phase  一 and part of Phase  二 in Hải Bối Co妹妹une, Đông Anh District. — VNS