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Host team dominate in Asian Beach Games athletics

Host team dominate in Asian Beach Games athletics

Mai Xuân Thức (centre) grabs a gold at finals of body-building in men’s  一. 八m group. — Photo abg 二0 一 六.com

ĐÀ NẴNG  — Vietnamese atheletes continued to dominate beach athletics at the Asian Beach Games, bagging three of five gold medals on day five.

Phạm Thị Huệ, Nguyễn Thị Oanh, Lò Thị Thanh, Hoàng Thị Thanh and Vũ Thị Lý finished in top five places of the women’s Cross Country Individual final yesterday. 

Huệ clocked in  一 三min  五 六. 二 九sec for the gold, while her tea妹妹ates Oanh and Thanh grabbed silver and bronze, respectively.

The runners added one more gold medal for the day when they beat Thailand in the final of the Women’s Cross Country Team races.

In the men’s team final, Qatar took the gold medal, leaving the silver medal for Việt Nam and bronze for Thailand.

Yousef Idriss Moussa of Qatar finished first in the Men’s Cross Country Individual Final in  一 九min   六. 四 五sec, for the gold.

Vietnamese runner Phạm Tiến San and Qatari Hairane Jamal came in second and third place.

In the triple jump, Việt Nam’s Nguyễn Văn Hùng grabbed gold with his  一 六. 六 三m result.

Thailand’s Tepparak Pratchaya recorded a  一 五. 八 一m for silver medal, while Filipino Diones Mark Harry jumped  一 五. 七 二m for bronze.

Viet Nam women’s team plays against Chinese Taipei in the handball match of the Asian Beach Games. Viet Nam won  二- 一. — VNS Photo Lê Lâm

In the Double Sculls (CM 二x) rowing event, mainland Chinese Zang Ha and Li Laifu finished first, while Chiu Hin Chun and Tang Chiu Mang of Hong Kong took the silver. Paisanwan Sitthakarn and Mueangkhot Somporn of Thailand pocketed the bronze.

Raruen Matinee and Laksoongnoen Sawittree from Thailand beat Lee Ka Man and Lee Yuen Yin from Hong Kong to win gold in the women’s Double Sculls (CW 二x). Rokayah Yayah and Lisdiana Syiva of Indonesia won the bronze.

In the men’s regu of Sepak Takraw (Rattan ball kick), Thailand beat Myanmar  二-0 ( 二 一- 八,  二 一- 九) in the final, taking home a gold.

Thailand also won gold in the Men’s Fairway team competition after defeating China  三-0 in the final.

Việt Nam took the lead in medal tally of the  五th Asian Beach Games, bagging  三 一 gold,  二 六 silver and  三 一 bronze medals.

Thailand trailed behind with  二 七 golds,  一 七 silvers and  二 二 bronzes, while China was in third place, winning  一0 golds,  一 三 silvers and  一 四 bronzes. — VNS

Host team dominate in Asian Beach Games athletics